Data Analytics
Make the most out of the data you are collecting

We make sure that your data & growth strategy are streamlined across all touchpoints to generate sustainable growth for your business.

Setup & Integration

We help you set up your marketing stack to make the most out of the data you are collecting.

Data Visualization

We provide expertise to bring together the most important metrics for your business. And then we visualize it in an easy-to-digest manner.

Even though the end products are dashboards, our approach goes way beyond that – you see, we identify the 90% that doesn’t matter, and focus on the 10% that moves the needle and improves your app.

Data Stack Audit

We check the accuracy, reliability and relevance of collected data and identify any gaps or inconsistencies in order to offer you insight to improve your strategy and performance.
We were very happy with the information Scale Fanatics provided. Their insights were clear and very fresh. The team was very responsive, stayed on top of everything, and delivered on time. Our head of product was very pleased with Scale Fanatics’ work and took it straight to production.
– Victoriya Scovel
former Head of Growth //

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