App Store Optimization
Boost your Store Page visibility & conversion
We help you maximize visibility and boost impression-to-install conversions.

ASO Audit

We start by running a complete analysis of your app from an ASO standpoint; including app diagnostics, competitor analysis and more.

Once we finish with the analysis, we review your product page in the app stores, we look at your branding materials, unique selling proposition (USP), user demographics, and user personas.

From there, we propose opportunities to improve your listings & current ASO efforts. We also design a few of our proposed tests and build prototypes for your team to use and implement.

Managed ASO

We’ll help you improve your App and Play Store rankings and drive organic installs by implementing our Store Asset CVR Strategy.

We start with a complete analysis of the app, competitors and the target audience. It is usually followed by a Keyword Analysis to collect the semantic core and develop a promotion plan (if applicable).

Then our ASO experts along with our designers create a Testing Plan that sets the framework for further keyword optimization, continuous A/B testing and monthly metrics reports.

We were very happy with the information Scale Fanatics provided. Their insights were clear and very fresh. The team was very responsive, stayed on top of everything, and delivered on time. Our head of product was very pleased with Scale Fanatics’ work and took it straight to production.
– Victoriya Scovel
former Head of Growth //

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