User Acquisition
Make your paid ad campaigns profitable and scale
We’ll run and optimize your ad campaigns for maximum efficiency across all major channels.

Facebook, Google & Apple Search Ads

These three networks cover the majority of media spend across all categories. When first paid campaigns are being planned, these should always be taken into account.

The real work starts even before we sign a contract. During our sales process, we examine your Full Funnel, the App’s Health & Business goals – making sure that we really can bring this home for you.

Once the official collaboration starts, our first thing to do is to collect as much data as possible. Combining your existing learnings and our methodology, we put together a thorough Background Research. That’ll be the basis of future Media Plans & our Creative Strategy too.

It will all help us to craft scroll-stopping ad creatives and compelling ad copies to make potential users turn into high-LTV users.

TikTok, Snapchat

These two require vastly different creatives (UGCs) that blend well into the environment. While that sounds nice & simple, ad fatigue also comes much quicker than what you’re probably used to.

If not careful, you can easily end up with hefty bills paid to influencers for all those UGCs…

To solve this never-ending problem, we created a strategy that makes us able to get UGCs for cents on the dollar while it takes the workload off our clients too.

We use this strategy to produce ads profitably on a large scale. Which helps us scale your ad spend even on rising ad networks like TikTok & Snapchat.

Content marketing for paid ads

Everyone knows about the SEO power of Content marketing.

But what if there was a way to utilize your content for paid ads…

And scale on ad networks you never utilized before?

Contents aren’t restricted to only being used as organic growth drivers.

We’ll drive paid traffic to your selected blog posts to promote your app.

This strategy is predominantly effective for apps that already have a solid presence on ad networks (with scaled spending) and are looking to stretch their UA efforts even further.

If you’re just starting out, we’ll likely start somewhere else. 🙂


Web-to-app flows obtained huge attention lately for a good reason.

Instead of driving traffic directly to Store Pages, we’ll drive traffic to a web page where anything can happen from a simple email capture to starting a trial.
We were very happy with the information Scale Fanatics provided. Their insights were clear and very fresh. The team was very responsive, stayed on top of everything, and delivered on time. Our head of product was very pleased with Scale Fanatics’ work and took it straight to production.
– Victoriya Scovel
former Head of Growth //

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