Small team, big expertise and even bigger enthusiasm.
Our Ethos

We’re small and we intend to keep it this way

We’re a boutique mobile agency from the heart of Europe: a bunch of experts who love all things data, marketing, design and the connection of them all.

Being boutique means we’re smaller and more flexible. We like to cater to our client’s needs while still offering everything a mobile agency should: Performance (so UA & ASO) , Creative Services, Data Analytics & Growth).

This also means that our roster is lean. We only work with a few select clients at a time so all get the focus it deserves.

What we do when not geeking about marketing: playing tennis, reading books, squeezing husky faces cause they’re cute, traveling the world, meditating, focusing on personal growth and many more. 🙂


We pledge to work in close collaboration with our clients

Growth requires ‘hard talks’ at times. We endorse open & assertive communication. Nothing swept under the rug with us.
Close Collaboration
We keep a close eye on all of our projects. Each of our clients gets the dedicated time it deserves. Hence, our client roster is limited.
Simple Methods
No one likes the fancy fluff – clients want and deserve easy & results. Thus, our processes are clear and straightforward.
Our Story

Since the beginning, our perpetual belief was that we must too believe in the product in order to make it a success

Shifting from Ecom to a boutique App Marketing Agency

Making it easy for small and mid-size app companies

How It All Started

When we first started working with a local mobile app startup, fair to say, we didn’t know anything about how app marketing works. What we did know was how to get people to buy stuff online. The principles of marketing didn’t change obviously but the product we were about to sell was completely different from what we were used to.

Down the road we realized something: there are only a handful of app marketing agencies out there, and almost none of them act for small and mid-sized apps truly by heart!

In fact, we’ve seen that smaller app companies often get burnt when working with a large mobile agency, because they aren’t taken THAT seriously, do not get the attention they’d require, and are sometimes just seen as short income sources with zero enthusiasm or commitment towards their app.

We Had To Change This

You see, we are NOT a big mobile agency with 100+ workers.

We’re a boutique agency with 8 teammates that DOES relate to smaller app businesses, and this will always stay that way.

Our teammates are enthusiastic, fun to work with, have an unquenchable thirst for mobile marketing knowledge, and are battle-hardened experts in their field.

We pledged to help mid and small mobile app companies grow exponentially.

That’s why Scale Fanatics was founded.

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