How Top Mobile Companies Measure Their Ads

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Today I want to show you a top-notch measurement tool. Before I do that, let’s talk about why you even need to have a measurement tool. If this is a no-brainer to you, skip this part and head over to the “Adjust: Pros & Cons”.

Let’s get started. Ready?

Why Do You Need A Measurement Tool?

Top-grossing apps measure their ad results. Cream of crop companies know exactly who their customers are. The next big hit of the mobile app industry measures its organic downloads and purchases.

Broke, dying, close to shutdown companies skip these.

Now think for a second: do you think there “might” be a connection between transparency and growth?

Hell yeah there is.

In order to scale effectively, you SHOULD rely on clear numbers about how your different ads and campaigns on different channels perform. You have to test different audiences from different angles.

You should know your organic numbers of downloads and purchases too. Measuring is the one and only holy grail of learning who your buying users are.

Otherwise it’s like building a house on sand.

Pick your best-performing ads on your best-performing audiences and scale’em to the sky on the right channel for hefty profits.

Now that you know why measuring is vital, let’s see how Adjust can be your best pal in it.

Adjust: Pros & Cons

„What’s Adjust? Isn’t that a verb?”
Well, it is. But between mobile marketing experts, like You and Us, Adjust means a top-level measurement tool. It helps you to:
  • Track every traffic channel, so you know where your users come from and see what your best-performing channels are
  • Track how your ads performed, right down to the creatives seen by your potential users, so you can see which ad delivered which type of user
  • Tracks the in-app activities of your users, so you can work on your retention numbers effectively
  • Prevents ad fraud. Unlike many other software, Adjust not only detects ad fraud but also helps you prevent it, so it saves a lot on your ad budget.

Now let’s dive into their PROS:

  • They are very flexible on pricing. Normally you can choose from fixed plans, but as you get on a sales call with them, they will not force anything that’s not suitable for you. Instead, they consider your company’s size, your goals, the number of your users, and then customize a pack that fits perfectly for you. Depending on our experiences, this is a competitive edge on the market.
  • They are cheaper than most of their competitors. Calculated roughly, choosing them over competitors means about a 35% saving, which is pretty cool.

So after all, it’s a pretty neat solution. It does everything that’s needed for a standard measurement tool. And does it on a low budget too.

Now let’s see their CONS:

  • They’re super nice, but their acquiring system & customer support are better at some of their competitors – we had sales talks earlier, and they didn’t follow up on us.
    So how do you know if they will stand by when you need quick help?
  • Reporting is their weakest point – they don’t offer custom dashboards. Just a few premade data tables where you can filter & might change a column or two.
    It’s important to have custom reports at all decision-making levels.

    Now if you use Amplitude or something similar, it shouldn’t be a problem as they have direct integration with them.
    However, if you don’t, it’s better to have something that offers proper analytics too

So that’s it. Adjust is kinda cool for both basic & expert levels too, but if you want to utilize its total strength, you’ll need to have an additional reporting tool that’s integrated with it.

We recommend trying Adjust if you solely need measurement on the lower end… They even have a demo version for new users, so you can see its performance for free, and decide if you like them or not.

If you’d like our direct help planning and implementing these strategies for your market, then contact us today for more info. No obligations or contracts. The goal is to determine if we can help your business grow and find our best fit clients.

We made a Spreadsheet of the most valuable traffic sources an App Startup could ever use and it’s making millions for top-grossing apps right now.
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We made a Spreadsheet of the 50 most valuable traffic sources an App Startup could ever use and it’s making millions for top-grossing apps right now.