How We Helped Blix
Scaling to new heights with hands-on UA & tireless ASO
Decrease in cpi
1 %
1 k+
The Challenge

“…we hit the top ceiling with ads, wanted to scale further, but we weren’t sure how.”

Blix first approached Scale Fanatics to help them scale.

They were already over 1 million MAU at the time and had ambitious growth targets for the future. In order to achieve targets, they wanted to further maximize the growth of new users while keeping the target CPI.

The mission was to dive deep into user behavior & raw data to identify key in-app actions that help us craft creative concepts that drive attention.

We challenged Scale Fanatics to run ads next to ours for a few months and compare the results ‘apple to apple’. No matter what our team did, the Scale Fanatics team always came out on top. They always crushed targets and a bit more.
– Kuba Jeziorny
COO //
Our Solution

Crafting killer campaigns, creatives & store assets – then TEST!

Planning: The Research and Audit Phase

The project started off with a thorough background research and audit. We discovered 2 key areas to improve in order to achieve maintained long-term success: User Acquisition & ASO.

We started testing rapidly in order to find new working angles & creative combinations.
Then we also looked into App Store conversions to identify bottlenecks that could be improved.

Execution: The Hands-on UA Phase

After testing 100s of ads we found various winner combinations and winning creative themes.
Meanwhile, we also helped to increase In-store CVR with constant iterations on Store Assets (eg.: Screenshots).
The Results

Pushing down CPI, ramping up new downloads

The results are only the beginning

We decreased CPI by 16.5% while generating 120,000+ instals. (Channels: Facebook / Instagram).

We also continuously test Store Assets (such as Screenshots, App Icon, Feature Image) and use our findings in the UA efforts (and vice versa).

We’re still ongoingly working with Blix to scale their UA efforts even further, and simply love our short bi-weekly check-in calls about the great results and updates.

The Scale Fanatics team could look at the whole picture, identify the 90% that didn’t matter, and focus on the 10% that would move that needle and improve our app — they were a phenomenal partner.
– Victoriya Scovel
former Head of Growth //

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